2013 Festival

The 2013 Finalists:

Aerial Hoop

From Seattle Washington,

Charly Mc Creary

Aerial Silks

From Denver, Colorado

Elizabeth Smith


From Orlando Florida

Kristin Mass

Solo Trapeze

Alissa Feller


Andrew Leach

Duo Trapeze

Mary Wolfe-Nielsen and Tyce Nielsen

The 2013 Winners:

Best Technical: From Miami Florida,

Andrew Leach on Straps

Best Artistic: From Brattleboro, Vermont,

Alissa Feller on Solo Trapeze

Best Innovation: From Orlando Florida,

Eric Henriquez Maldonado, Megan Johnston, Ariel Mosier the Cube Trio

Best Over-All Performance: From Salt Lake City Utah,

Mary Wolfe-Nielsen and Tyce Nielsen on Duo Trapeze

Audience Choice Award:

Mary Wolfe-Nielsen and Tyce Nielsen, Duo Trapeze

Young Aerialist From Vancouver, British Columbia

Angela McIlroy-Wagar on Aerial Hoop


From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Innovation Silk Trio

Lynn Sabin Lunny, Meg Skill, Jackie Zalewski

Sliding Trapeze

From Tempe, Arizona

Lauren Breunig

Cube Trio

Eric Henriquez Maldonado, Megan Johnston, Ariel Mosier

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