2014 Festival

Judging panel, and workshop presenters:

Chelsea O’Brian, Teresa Tipping, Anna Vigeland, Ginger Griep-Ruiz,

Best Over-All Performance Award:

Theo Spencer on Aerial Silks

Best Technical Performance Award:

Molly Graves on Corde de Lisse

Best Artistic Performance Award:

Duo Elevation, Daniel Nolasco & Ashley Smith on Duo Trapeze

Best Innovation Award:

Jacki Ward & Nicolo Kehrwald on Duo Slings

Audience Choice Award:

Eric Michaels on Corde de Lisse

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(2014 Festival Program)

Master of Ceremony: Chris Coughlin

Guest Juggler and Marionette Master: Geoff Marsh

2014 Festival Artists:

Carlos Salazar


Finalist 2014

Xochitl Sosa

Single Point Solo Trapeze

Finalist 2014

Kate Winston

Aerial Hoop

Finalist 2014

Zoe Irvine

Traditional Solo Trapeze

Finalist 2014

Kendra Greaves & Nicole Nicole Burgio

Innovation 2014

Double Tear Duo Slings

Elise Sipos

Innovation 2014

Aerial Halo

Jenna Haddock

Traditional Solo Trapeze 2014

Vivian Tam

Aerial Silks 2014

Danielle Berg

Straps 2014

Whitney Smith

Single Point Solo Trapeze 2014

Photography: Scott & Brittany Murphy

Videography: David Mitchell, Brad Gaerke, Timothy Douglas

Artistic Director: Marshall Garfield

General Director: Tatanya Hamermesh

Producer: Lynn Coleman