2015 Festival


Judging Panel and Workshop Presenters
Chelsea O’Brian, Alisan Funk, Anna Vigeland

Best Over-all Performance Award
TT Robson performing on Aerial Silks

Audience Choice Award
Camille Swift performing on Single Trapeze

Best Artistic Performance Award
Daniel Patrick performing on Rope or Corde de Lisse

Best Technical Performance Award
Duo Flex Performing on Duo Trapeze

Young Aerialist
Sydney Billings Performing on Aerial Silks

Innovative Artist
PJ performing on Corde de Lisse Spanish Web

Masters of Ceremony
Jim Jackson and Birgitta De Pree

Guest Performer
Peter Davison Poet of Motion

Opening Festival Show
Circus of the Night A Cabaret Show
Under the direction of
Jim Jackson and Birgitta De Pree

Featuring Performances by the cast of the Millibo Art Theater:
June Scott Barfield and Crystal Carter
Sarah Brubaker and Bob Hill
“Super” Dave Hale and Elizabeth Fluarty
The Bobsie Twins: Staza Stone and Heidi Lajos
Amy Sue Hardy
Mamzelle Hepzibah
Hannah Rockey and Birgitta De Pree
Grace Ramsey
Jessica Weil

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2015 Festival Artists:

Solo Trapeze
Kelsey Aicher and Camille Swift, Finalist on Solo Trapeze and winner of Audience Choice Award

Aerial Straps
Shanaz King and
Rachel Tatem, Finalist on Straps

Corde De Lisse or Rope
Teresa Kochis and Daniel Patrick Finalist and winner of Best Artistic Award

Aerial Hoop or Lyra
Kae Devin and Yuliya Yankina Finalist on Aerial Hoop

Aerial Silks
Anna Thomas-Henry, Finalist on Aerial Silks and
TT Robson, Finalist on Aerial Silks and Winner of Best Over-All Performance

Duo Trapeze
Duo Flex Marshall Jarreau and Chelsea Laumen Finalists in Duo Trapeze and Winners of Best Technical Performance